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Bookings and Payments

 Now accepting bookings for the summer holidays.

Please note: Payments are still under the name of Primley Wood Play Scheme until further notice.

How to book

We use the Class 4 Kids system as our booking system. All camps use the same booking link. Once you've created an account, booking your child/children on should be straight forwards.

You are able to book individual days or a whole week. If you are wanting one child to attend one day and another child for a different day, this is also possible.


Primary-aged camp - £27.50 per day

There is also sibling and full-week discount available on the Class 4 Kids system.

Please also note that there is a small booking processing fee if paying directly through Class 4 Kids.

Class 4 Kids booking link:

If you need any help, e-mail:

How to pay

Once you have booked your child/children into a camp, you will find the invoice amount due.

If you are not using any alternative payment systems, you can pay directly through the Class 4 Kids system.

If you are paying using Tax-free childcare, please log-in to your Government gateway and search for 'Primley Wood Play Scheme'. You can pay your invoice amount from here. If it is the first time you are using this method to pay for Play Scheme, please let us know your children's unique booking code.

If you are paying using Childcare vouchers, you should be able to search for our name and pay your invoice amount. This will take us a while to reconcile the payment to the Class 4 Kids system. If your voucher provider doesn't have a search option, please find below our reference/account numbers:

Please note: If you're paying using vouchers, tax-free systems or bank transfer, you don't need to pay the booking fee!!!

Ofsted - 2726355

Apple Childcare -  CA00012613

Computershare -  0026917036

Eden Red -  P21340205

Fideliti -  PRI112C

RG Childcare - 89275998956

Bank details:

Primley Wood Play Scheme



If we are not signed up to the voucher company which you use, please e-mail us and we'll register as quickly as possible.

Please note that places cannot be guaranteed until payment is complete.

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